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Learn Essential Shooting and Editing Workflows

With our myriad of courses, you'll come to understand basic through advanced concepts of photography.

Create Jaw-Dropping Portraits

Our tools and instructionals will provide everything you need to create incredible images.

Build a Successful Photography Business

Learn the ins-and-outs of running a small business- from marketing, to pricing, to finding work-life balance.

Feel Confident and Inspired In your Art

You will gain the knowledge needed to be successful in your craft.

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Gain access to all content created within the past 30 days on a reoccurring basis. (Excludes guest artist material and material by Robin Brazill.)

price option <p><span style="color: rgba(27,51,61,1);" >Semi-Annual (Save 15%)</span></p>

Semi-Annual (Save 15%)


Gain access to all content on the site on a reoccurring basis (Excludes guest artist material and material by Robin Brazill.)

price option <p><span style="color: rgba(27,51,61,1);" >​​Annual&nbsp;(Save&nbsp;25%)</span></p>

​​Annual (Save 25%)


Gain access to all content on the site on a reoccurring basis. (Excludes material by Robin Brazill.)

Photography Basics

Are you ready to switch that camera from "auto" to "manual" mode? In our extensive beginner's course, we discuss the basics of photography- including the exposure triangle, composition, lighting, and gear!

Introduction to Lightroom & Photoshop

With our introductory course on editing, post-processing is a breeze! Comprised of 20 easy-to-follow videos, this class will make editing your images simple and fun!

Photography Lighting and Posing Instructionals

Finding North provides courses for all levels. Once you've learned the basics, dive into more advanced concepts including lighting, posing, styling, and specialized genres of photography.

Basic to Advanced Editing Techniques

Learn how to edit your images from start to finish with hundreds of editing tutorials. From post-processing with actions, to more detailed hand-editing composites, we teach you how to transform your images from mundane to magical!

Business and Marketing Courses

When you're ready to turn your passion into a career, Finding North has you covered. Our business and marketing courses were created with one goal in mind- your financial success!

Lightroom and Photoshop Tools

Let you creativity soar! With thousands of digital backgrounds and overlays, action sets, presets, and more… Finding North provides all the content you need to create one-of-a-kind images.

If any of the following ring true,

then our membership is a good fit for you:

Lightroom and/or Photoshop feel overwhelming, so you’ve been putting off any extensive learning

You spend entirely too much time editing with unsatisfactory results

You have yet to master a consistent “look” or easy workflow

Booking clients seems impossible, and you need guidance on how to get your business off the ground

You have no idea where to begin when it comes to pricing yourself fairly

You're feeling uninspired and/or spend too much money purchasing action sets, overlays, and backgrounds

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Hi Friend-

I am the resident owner and instructor here at Finding North, and I've created this learning platform with one very important thing in mind… YOUR SUCCESS. 

And, I'm not the only one committed to your growth.  Finding North has over 20 guest artists who have created and curated content just for you!

Through our tutorials, actions, and photoshop tools, Finding North has assisted over 5000 photographers grow in both their art and business.  And, I hope to help you too.

Whether you’re a complete newbie or a seasoned professional, Finding North is here to support your photography education.

So jump right in, have a look around, and consider joining!

xoxo- Lindsey

Lindsey Gutierrez

Lindsey Lee Photography

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"Finding North is seriously the best subscription ever. Not only do they consistently provide new content every week, but they also supply tools that I find myself using all the time! My kids even log on to get tips and tricks! I enjoy watching the tutorials and learning from all the artists. "


Danielle Sullivan

Photography by Dani Jo

"Stumbling upon Finding North has been one of the best moments my photography business could possibly have experienced in my years of running it. I credit leaps and bounds, of moving forward in my business to Finding North. The products are hands down, phenomenal! Weekly additions to the catalog, by multiple different artists, makes Finding North the 'Best of the Best' of sites out there in the business! The tutorials are so incredibly detailed, and easy to follow right along with. Plus, the cherry on top... the customer service is impeccable, with artists that strive to see your business be successful! I am a lifer with Finding North. They are a 10 out of 10 every time. Highly Recommend them for any level of artist!"


Tina Vettleson

Vettleson Photography

"I've been a member of other photography subscription sites, and none compare to Finding North!

They add TONS of content every single month, so I always feel like my money is well spent. I've grown so much as an artist just by watching their tutorials and using their Photoshop tools!"


Jamie Galloway